Coronavirus in the news

New Trustium study evaluates Google News Coronavirus coverage

Trustium analyzed nearly 500 Coronavirus articles featured on Google News and found that most are high-quality news.

Opinion masquerades as legitimate news on Google News

Negligent design practices deceive news consumers and raise the concern that many Americans may be unintentionally and unknowingly consuming bias in their information diet.

The Ad Industry’s Solution for Toxic Content is… well, Toxic.

Trustium’s solution allows the AdTech industry to abandon block lists and use advanced AI technology to increase available inventory while protecting brands from toxic content.

How and Why I started Trustium

By Cedar Milazzo You might think that a product like Trustium, which exposes misinformation in news articles, was inspired by a high-profile or tragic event involving fake news. While there have been no shortage of well-documented instances around the world worthy of outrage and action, the origin of the company is, by comparison, less remarkable,…
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Trustie Inc. Renames Itself Trustium

Trustie Inc., today introduced Trustium, the new name of its product and the market’s most advanced fake news detection AI.

Trustium’s data supports Facebook’s ban of Natural News; here are others they should consider

Last weekend, Facebook banned Natural News, as was first reported by the Daily Beast. At Trustium, we evaluate the content of sites, article by article in order to determine credibility. Our analysis focuses on linguistic attributes and not publisher attributes, political leanings or even specific words. Trustium has analyzed more than 150,000 news articles from…
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Most people in the US want Internet companies to police their news.

In addition to wanting companies like Facebook and Twitter to ensure Misinformation such as Fake News doesn’t make it onto their platforms, most people (54%) think they should be showing the same news to everyone instead of tailoring it to individuals.

Fake News can be Fatal.

This link from the Washington Post shows quite a few instances where Fake News has caused either fatalities or injuries, as well as highlighting some of the limitations social media companies face with their different platforms.  ALL of these use cases would be helped if the social media companies would evaluate links BEFORE they are…
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How can we combat Deepfake videos generated by AI?

Here’s a pretty frightening article. I really believe the only way to combat misinformation like this is to use AI to detect fake information. If it’s being generated by AI, eventually humans won’t have the ability to quickly determine it’s not real. Only something comparable to what’s generating the misinformation will have the capability (at…
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What’s a platform to do?

Hi all.  A good friend and colleague of mine (John Gordon) recently posted a blog entry about Facebook and some of the troubles they’re facing right now.  I’d encourage you to read it, as he definitely has some interesting thoughts on what platforms like FB can and should do (or not do). What’s a Platform…
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