It's time to go back to the future.
To advertise on good, quality content again. To get a better return for our media dollars. To not pay for what we don't want. To stop funding hate and disinformation. To start funding quality journalism. And to know exactly where our ads are going for a change.

Let's do media right this time.

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The world doesn't need another ad tech company. 
That's why we started one.

The adtech market is a maze of confusion. It’s opaque, filled with fraud, piracy, murky data, solutions to fix other solutions, and questionable results. We just have a simple premise: target the best content on the Internet where people spend the most time. It's really not that complicated. Which is kind of the point.

We speak the audience’s language. Literally.

Third party data is going away in 2022. That’s okay with us. We don’t use it. Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Earle, helped create an algorithm based on 40 different indicators that targets quality content through language patterns, separating quality content from reactionary, hateful, and misleading material, so your brand only lands where it should. On the good stuff.

Media should work like everything else:
If you don’t want it, don’t pay for it. 
Are you ready for a completely novel concept?
How about real return on your media investment?

Remember this number: 46. In a study of 3.75 billion impressions, NOBL technology chose content that was 46% more effective than all of the other content. This proves what the industry has always really known: advertising on quality, well-produced content just gets more engagement. It's kind of like the way things used to be.


With “brand safety” solutions, you end up paying for a placement even if you don’t show up on it. How does that make sense? NOBL is a pre-bid solution, which scans a page to ensure it warrants a placement before you bid. If it doesn’t, it spends your budget on pages that actually deserve it. Everything should work that way, right?

Defund disinformation. Fund information.
Make the world a better place.

Digital advertising hasn't done the world any favors in the last couple of years. It has funded hate and disinformation at massive scale. Blunt tools like keyword blocking have decimated the news industry when we need it the most. But because we use language, not blacklisting or whitelisting, your media dollars will be funneled to quality content like credible journalism. Consumers will thank you. Imagine that.

We're doing what's never been attempted before: 
Complete and total transparency.

While everyone else in the programmatic space hides their placements or reports them to you weeks later, our IP is our algorithm. We don't  have blacklists, whitelists and categories. That's why we can show you every single page your ads land on in real time. And no one else will. It'll be weird at first, but you'll get used to it.

We are a mission-driven company that wants to fix the Internet. We hope you do, too.

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