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Welcome to ethical programmatic.

Target the best of the Internet.

Stop funding the worst of it.

Why use a "credibility targeting engine"?
Let us count the ways.

The programmatic advertising landscape is rife with fraud, disinformation and just plain low quality content. By focusing on credible content, the goal of NOBL is to only place your ads on trustworthy pages that real people read, avoiding the places that will give your brand manager headaches and your CFO heartburn.







How do you fix digital display advertising?
Ask a doctor.

Chasing eyeballs has put advertisers in some terrible places. Instead, we use the language on a page to target credible, quality content using the formulations of Dr. Elizabeth Earle, Professor of Rhetoric, based off of 30+ different parameters, including bias, emotion and writing style.

Understanding credibility is a heavy lift.
You need to train for it.

"Brand safety" tools like blacklists, whitelists and keyword blocks have not worked. We took three years to train our AI to understand what makes credible content using tens of thousands of expert-reviewed articles for a more nuanced approach. 






Don't pay for what you don't want.
What a novel concept.

NOBL content is scored for credibility on a scale of -10 to 10 before a bid is ever made. If your ad doesn't belong there, you won't end up there. Unlike many brand safety solutions, you will never pay for a page where you don't appear.

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