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Target the best of the Internet.

Stop funding the worst of it. 

Welcome to Credibility Targeting

Programmatic advertising has been plagued by lack of transparency, fraud and brand safety issues. It's time for a more sustainable, responsible solution.

NOBL's patented technology evaluates each page before you bid and selects only credible, high-quality content that is more likely to be read and trusted. With NOBL, your ads are placed on pages that are better for your brand, your ROI, and the world.



Support only the most credible, trustworthy content and support a healthier internet and information ecosystem.



Pay for quality content and naturally avoid negative placements, clickbait, and pages with non-performing content.


No categories or lists to set up or maintain. Start targeting on your Demand Side Platform with one click.

Target only credible content. That's the good stuff.

Programmatic technology targets eyeballs. NOBL technology targets content. Our AI uses over 30 different indicators to score the actual language on a page, only placing your ads on the highest quality content, naturally avoiding brand unsafe environments, fraud and junk.

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Better content means better performance.


High quality, trusted content lifts the credibility of everything on a page. That includes ads. That's why NOBL-chosen pages perform markedly better in click-through rates, conversions and cost-per-click. Learn more.
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Not brand safety, brand responsibility. Big difference.


Brand safety tools can easily be gamed by fraudulent websites and have resulted in the defunding of quality journalism. NOBL offers a more nuanced approach, supporting a safer, more equitable Internet.

How does NOBL determine what is NOBL?


NOBL's AI technology analyzes each page where an ad could be placed with 30+ proprietary indicators formulated by our Chief Language Scientist. These indicators include everything from the adverb-to-verb ratio in the text to the presence of opinionated or subjective speech to clickbait characteristics in headlines.

Based on these characteristics, the page is given a NOBL score from -10 to 10 with 10 being the most credible. Advertisers can then choose their credibility score threshold, which is typically a NOBL score of 5 and higher. Ads placed through NOBL will only land on pages with these chosen scores.

Let's do a test campaign.


With NOBL, you can stop inadvertently funding hate & disinformation, respect your customers' privacy, and get a better return on your media dollars.  

Let us show you how!

Thanks for your interest in NOBL.We'll be in touch soon!!

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