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Adtech is changing. So let's go all the way.

3rd party data is going away, so let's use this moment to reinvent. We can now start respecting the privacy of our customers, change what gets rewarded with ads on the Internet, get real transparency and stop wasting so much dough. Let's do this.

Pre-Bid Goodness

If you don't want your ads to appear on a page, why pay for it? Our AI decides what pages work for you before you ever bid on it, so you never pay for inventory you don't use.

Complete Transparency

Our AI doesn't require blacklists, whitelists or keyword blocks, so we don't have any information to hide. That's why we can offer our customers a look into every page where they're placed in real time.

Content, Not Cookies

Are you prepared for the end of cookies? We are. Because we are a content targeting solution, we don't use 3rd party data, only the quality of the webpage itself.

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We are excited at the prospect of using technology like NOBL at the pre-bid level to help us better identify journalistic standards and quality content. This area is only going to become more important as we work even closer with our clients on their content suitability strategies and drive performance at scale.

Brian Cuddy; VP, Digital Activation, Cossette Media

You, too, can become a NOBL advertiser.

The time for ethical digital advertising is here. If your brand is interested in getting phenomenal results from your programmatic dollars while cleaning up the Internet, we'd love to work with you. Contact us to find out how.

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